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Preschool Referral Information

Preschool Referral Information

Why should a child be referred to the Wickliffe Preschool? 
A child who is between the ages of three to five years and has difficulty in the following areas may be referred:

  • Communication: does not seem to understand language, is difficult to understand, has a limited vocabulary, does not put words together in short phrases
  • Pre-academic: has significant difficulty with basic preschool readiness skills
  • Fine Motor: has significant difficulty in copying simple strokes (O, -, +,1D2),stacking blocks, snipping with scissors, etc.
  • Gross Motor: has significant difficulty with jumping and running
  • Socialization and Self-Help Skills: has significant difficulty interacting appropriately with adults and peers
  • Medical Diagnosis: diagnosis alone does not make a child eligible for services. Sometimes, however, a syndrome/disorder/disease significantly affects a child’s ability to learn in a classroom setting.
Who can refer a child to the WCSD Preschool?
Anyone who knows the child can make a referral. However, the parent must be contacted and give permission for the preschool to conduct all screenings/evaluations.

How is a referral made to the WCSD Preschool?
Call Kelly Pfunstein, Central Registrar, at 440-943-3240 and request an application. Be prepared to share the child’s date of birth, parents’ names/address/telephone number, reason for referral, and any services the child currently receives.