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Family Resource Center

Welcome to The Family Resource Center of Wickliffe!
The Wickliffe Family Resource Center (WFRC), operated by the Wickliffe City School District, is an organization that strives to bring together services and activities that educate, develop skills, and promote health and well-being in order to improve the outcomes of students, families, and individuals in our community.

July 2023 Update

 The Family Resource Center of Wickliffe is so excited to finally be settling into our new space located in the Campus of Wickliffe!
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May 2023 Update

The Wickliffe Family Resource Center is in the process of moving to our new building, the Wickliffe Campus, which will house Wickliffe City School District students in grades PK-12.
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Located at The Campus of Wickliffe
2255 Rockefeller Rd.
Wickliffe, Ohio 44092
(440) 810-8201