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School Closing Information

School Closing Information

Inclement weather creates the potential for school closings. Here is the process the Wickliffe City School District follows to determine if it is necessary to delay or close our school buildings.

The team monitoring the weather includes the superintendent, administrative, and supervisory staff.
Information is gathered on the local weather conditions from weather alerts, local radar, and local and state law enforcement agencies. Additionally, superintendents from Lake County School Districts consult each other regarding weather and road conditions throughout the early morning hours.
Decisions to close school are based primarily on the safety and well-being of our students. Sometimes impending weather considerations may exist which can cause our schools to close. The following are the primary factors considered:

• The amount of snow fall and the ability of our road crews to clear roads and sidewalks near buildings
• The time that snow or ice begins and accumulates to impact travel conditions
• Impending weather conditions
• Extreme outside temperature and warning level wind chill factors
• Conditions in buildings, parking lots and sidewalks
• Information from local law enforcement and roadway agencies regarding road conditions
• Building climate and environmental conditions (heat, water, electricity, etc.)
• Flooding

Who makes the decision and when: The superintendent of schools makes the decision. School cancellation normally occurs by 6:00 a.m. in order to cancel transportation and notify local TV stations and media for parent/guardian notification purposes.

Where to find out: Local television and radio stations are notified immediately. Up-to date information is provided to the following stations or sites for publication. 

WKYC Channel 3

WEWS Channel 5

Fox 8 Cleveland

19 Action News

When schools close, the decision to hold student and extracurricular activities follows the same process as a school closing. If schools are closed, activities will normally be cancelled. If schools are open but inclement weather conditions exist, activities may be cancelled. Principals set up procedures to contact relevant students and parents.

Delayed School Openings: Wickliffe does not have delayed school openings.

Students who walk to school: Parents/guardians are asked to ensure that their children are properly dressed for various winter weather conditions and that children are very cautious walking to school.

Make-up of missed days: Ohio law requires schools to be in session for a specified number of hours. Any time missed that falls below this minimum must be made-up.

Our schools are open to your suggestions and comments. Never hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, principal, or me with questions or concerns. The decision to close schools is taken seriously. Such decisions will make some people happy and create challenges for others. Some families have tight work schedules and limited availability of childcare. Please note that weather conditions are evaluated before outdoor recess or other such activities take place during the school day.

While several people are involved in making a closing decision, our foremost reason to do so is the safety of our children. If you as parent or guardian disagree with our decision to hold school, you may decide to keep your child home. We recognize that you value your child’s education highly and we honor your parental responsibilities to ensure your child’s well-being and safety.

Sincerely yours,

Joseph Spiccia