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Mr. Lew Galante, Treasurer / Chief Financial Officer

Patty Lark, Bookkeeper
(440) 943-7776
The duties of the Treasurer/CFO include, but are not limited to:
  • reporting directly to the Board of Education
  • being responsible for the financial and support departments of the district
  • overseeing the daily receipt and disbursement of funds and business operations of the Board of Education
  • acting as the custodian of district property and records
  • serving on the Records Commission with the Board President and Superintendent.
  • serving as Secretary to the Board of Education and is responsible for meeting notices and official minutes of meetings of the Board of Education. 
The Board of Education has appointed Ms. Amy Baughman, C.P.A, to serve on the district Audit Committee along with the Board President and Treasurer/CFO. The Audit Committee appointee serves as liason to the audit staff when performing the annual financial and compliance review of district records.

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