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Inspiring Students to Learn, Lead, and Serve




Joseph Spiccia, Superintendent

The Superintendent is responsible for supporting the creation, refinement and implementation of  the District’s PreK-12 curriculum, and helps to oversee teaching and learning across all Wickliffe schools. The Wickliffe Schools' curriculum is designed to nurture, educate, and graduate civic-minded students who are creative thinkers and skillful problem solvers and who are actively engaged in our global and multicultural society. The Wickliffe curriculum is aligned to Ohio state learning standards and supports student academic, social, and emotional skill development. 
The Wickliffe City School District strives to:
  • Provide students with a core curriculum complemented with a variety of elective courses and extra-curricular activities. This program will stimulate intellectual curiosity, require students to demonstrate that they have learned how to learn, and enables them to become productive and effective citizens.
  • Recognize the importance of each individual student by facilitating each student’s transition to and through high school, providing the information and support that enables him/her to develop appropriate educational and career goals, and will monitor the academic, behavior, and emotional progress of each student.
  • Recognize the importance of establishing effective partnerships with the larger community (parents, residents, businesses, governmental agencies, and other organizations) and will work to partner with these groups to improve the educational program and the community.
  • Recognize that the benchmark for success is student learning, achievement, conduct, citizenship, and character.