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Course Expectations


Classroom Expectations

Students will be expected to maintain professional decorum in action, speech, and dress at all times. Students will strive to exhibit the 6 P’s of Professionalism.

The 6 P’s of Professionalism

Prompt: Students will arrive at class, be seated, and begin any bellwork activity before the bell rings. A tardy will be issued if the student is not in his or her seat when the bell rings.

Patient: Students will complete assignments without rushing. Students will be charitable to their peers.

Prepared: Students will arrive with a writing utensil (pencil, black or blue pen, not red), notebook paper (loose or bound) and have completed any work that is due.

Productive: Students will be on task and work to complete activities in the time allotted. Students will work to complete and discuss only the topic at hand during group work and activities. Cell phones are prohibited; repeated violations will result in a technology referral to the office. Homework and major projects need to be completed by their due dates. Failure to complete assignments on time results in a 50% deduction when it is turned in; failure to complete major projects results in letter grade deduction for every day it is late, with a minimum base letter grade of a D.

Polite: Students will respect each other and the teacher by using appropriate language and actions. Distractions caused by gum or food are prohibited. Sugary drinks are prohibited. Water bottles may be allowed on an individual basis with the teacher’s permission. Students may not leave class unless they have the official pass. Do not drop garbage on the floor; place it (do not throw it) in the garbage bin. Sleeping in class may result in a “0” or a deduction in the grade book. Do not mark on the desks. Substitute teachers will receive respect from all students.

Proud: Students will take pride in their appearance (the dress code), work, and school, and always put their best effort into everything they do.

Failure to act professionally and respectfully in class will result in a verbal warning, a written reflection, before or after school detention with the teacher, parent communication, and ultimately a referral to the office.