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iPad apps we use in our classroom:

*Lexia- great app that we use to help support students in language arts. It helps students with phonemic awareness, vocabulary, sight words, comprehension, and reading fluency. Lexia can also be accessed at home.
*Prodigy- a fun math app to help support students in math. Prodigy follows the pace of our math curriculum so students get extra practice with concepts we are currently working on in the classroom. Prodigy can be accessed at home. 
*XtraMath- this app help students develop math fact fluency for addition and subtraction. Students will first master addition then will be moved to subtraction. XtraMath can be accessed at home. 
*Seesaw- a digital learning journal. Students will access Seesaw at school to practice concepts we are currently learning in the classroom for Fundations, sight words, math, science, social studies, grammar, and fun projects. Parents will have access to view and comment on your child's Seesaw journal.