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Inspiring Students to Learn, Lead, and Serve

Mission and Vision


High School Mission and Vision

Wickliffe High School's central goal is to advance the vision of the Wickliffe City School District, and to do that by creating a positive, engaging learning community that challenges and motivates our students to reach their true potential.  We strive to motivate our students to:

  • Nurture a positive school culture that promotes strong and healthy relationships
  •  Adopt a global perspective that fits into a dynamic, shifting, and interconnected world community
  • Adhere to values of integrity and accountability for behavior and academic success
  • Develop a life-long passion for learning and problem-solving
  • Collaborate with all students and staff to reach full potential as contributing members of society

Wickliffe High School is committed to excellence and will utilize emerging technologies and innovations to foster an engaging learning environment. By building positive relationships and fostering real and authentic learning experiences, the district will empower its students to become life long learners who lead and serve in their communities.