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Credit Flexibility

Credit Flexibility

All students are eligible for consideration for credit flexibility. Students that are interested will initiate and submit a request in writing to take and/or earn credit via the credit flexibility plan (CFP).


To be eligible to submit and participate in the credit flexibility option, students must meet the following criteria.

• Must be enrolled as a full time student (a minimum of 5.25 credits) within the Wickliffe City School District
• Must be enrolled as a full-time student and be in good academic standing within the Wickliffe City School District or another Ohio public state-accredited institution for at least one full academic year (180 days)
• Must attend with their parent(s)/guardian an informational session with the school counselor and designee from the Credit Flexibility Committee (CFC) to discuss procedures, plans, outcomes, and impacts of participation in the credit flexibility option
• Must submit a pre-approval form to the guidance counselor by the designated deadlines

Approval Process

To earn credit through the credit flexibility option, students must submit the following documentation to the guidance counselor by April 1 in preparation for the following school year.

• Credit Flexibility Pre-Approval Agreement (Appendix A)
• 1-page maximum type written statement from the student summarizing the plan for their credit flexibility option and the likelihood of success

The student will present the following information with their parent(s)/guardian to the Credit Flexibility Committee (CFC) within 30 school days after the pre-approval paperwork has been approved. The Credit Flexibility Plan Form (CFPF) must be submitted (Appendix B) and the student guidelines that include definitions and explanations (Appendix C) must be followed.

• Method of earning credit
• Amount of credit sought (may request for only .25 credit, .50 credit, or 1 full credit towards a course. Credit flexibility course credit will not be permitted to have additional weight such as our honors or Advanced Placement courses)
• Academic or elective discipline of study
• Outside experts and/or resources that will be involved in the completion of credit
• Timeline for completion
• Teacher of record, who will monitor progress, attainment of knowledge, and award of grades
• Learning outcomes, content standards (must be aligned to the Ohio Department of Education Content Standards and can be found on the following website, demonstration of knowledge, and scoring rubric as laid out in the Credit Flexibility Plan
• Special accommodations to be provided for students with a disability in compliance with the students Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 Plan
• Explanation of the costs and avenues that the parent(s)/guardian will need to take to pay these costs. The parent(s)/guardian will be responsible for all charges above and beyond what the school normally provides for students.

Credit Flexibility Committee

The Credit Flexibility Committee (CFC) will consist of one building administrator, one building guidance counselor, and one teacher representative from the department in the relevant subject area

Awarding of Credit

Credit and grades will be awarded based upon the completion of the credit flexibility plan approved by the committee. It will be reported on student transcripts and factored into a student’s grade point average (GPA) and class ranking. All credit and grades earned are final.

All time lines regarding grade reporting must be adhered to pursuant to the Wickliffe High School calendar of grade input requirements. This is to ensure that the guidance staff will be able to appropriately schedule students into the necessary courses and appropriately monitor progress.

• Credit and grade will be awarded to students who successfully complete all requirements laid out in the Credit Flexibility Approval Agreement
• Student grade will be determined by the teacher of record and based on the student’s attainment of knowledge as related to the Ohio Content Standards and course objective
• Student’s who do not complete their requested credit flexibility option by the designated deadline or completely fail to meet the requirements for adequate completion and/or knowledge attainment of the course, will not receive credit and a grade of “F” will be reported on the student’s transcript and factored into their GPA. If this occurs, students may not submit to earn the same credit through the credit flexibility option
• In the event that a student does not complete or fails their credit flexibility option, the student and parent(s)/guardian will be held financially responsible for reimbursing the District for any and all financial costs invested into the credit flexibility option

Responsibility of Student and Parent(s)/Guardian

School Attendance – Students participating in the credit flexibility option will be required to attend school for the remainder of their course load. Each student assumes the responsibility to attend all classes. Regular attendance and punctuality are necessary for success.

Athletic Eligibility – Students wishing to participated in the credit flexibility option and athletics must ensure that they continue to meet eligibility requirements as directed by the Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) bylaws, specifically bylaw 4, Student eligibility. In addition, students must meet eligibility requirements pursuant to the Wickliffe City School Board Policy IGDK, Interscholastic/Extracurricular Eligibility. Approval of taking the credit flexibility option for 1 credit will be equivalent to taking a full year course. The CFC will only consider a credit flexible option if the student is enrolled in 5 or more traditional credits for the grading period in which the flexible credit will be issued. Credit flexibility will contribute towards athletic eligibility where appropriate.

Fees – The District will require parent(s)/guardians of a student participating in the credit flexibility option not initiated by the District to be responsible for any additional fees associated with participation in that option.

Academic Integrity – Credit flexibility options are the sole responsibility of the student. The student must complete all work and final products on his/her own. A student may accept support, feedback, and knowledge from outside sources to assist in the completion of the credit flexibility option but credit must be given to outside sources for contribution to the work.

A student deemed to be in violation of academic integrity guidelines will be notified of the complaint and informed of the need to be removed from the credit flexibility option. A student found to be in violation of academic integrity guidelines will receive no credit and a failing grade for the course. It will be reported on the transcript and factored into the GPA. The student will be denied participation in any future requests to participate in the credit flexibility option.

Appeals Process

Should a student and/or parent(s)/guardian disagree with a decision or action by the Credit Flexibility Committee or teacher of record, the student may submit a written appeal and request the right to a hearing.

Appeals must be formally written and submitted to the Credit Flexibility Committee. The Credit Flexibility Committee and a teacher representative from the department in the relevant subject area who was not involved in the original approval and assessment of the student will review the appeal.

The student filing the written appeal and his/her parent(s)/guardian shall be given an opportunity to present concerns and recommendations to the committee. The committee will review appeals within 10 days from the date the written appeal was submitted. The decision of the committee may be appealed to the High School Principal. The decision of the High School Principal may be appealed to the Superintendent of Schools.

Communication Plan

Opportunities and requirements related to credit flexibility will be publicized annually. Copies of the publication describing opportunities and requirements related to credit flexibility will be made available to students, staff, parent(s)/guardian, community member upon request to the high school counselor or administrators.

Students and parent(s)/guardian are informed that data regarding participation in credit flexibility options will be shared on an annual bases as required by the Ohio Department of Education