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Inspiring Students to Learn, Lead, and Serve

Stasiak, Sophia

Welcome to a new year at Wickliffe High School. I am pleased to be your child’s High School Art Teacher! Being a part of your student’s creative experiences is an honor. I am truly looking forward to working with and getting to know each one of my students and their families this year.

My goal for art class is to incorporate art history, discussions, class critiques, formal elements and principles of design, and a variety of artistic mediums into the class curriculum. I value creativity, meaning there will be ample opportunities for artistic freedom and expression. General qualities for success in the art room include a good attitude, good listening skills, teamworking, creative problem-solving, and a sense of exploration. Art class allows the students to experience a different atmosphere from a traditional learning environment. However, there will be criteria for each project that must be completed to receive full credit on the assignment.

Art Foundations
Students will explore visual art through the elements and principles of art and design. Each unit will contain lessons that focus on different elements and principles. This course will provide the opportunity to develop skills and techniques necessary to build craftership. Students will also develop skills needed to analyze and interpret technical and formal properties of art.
1. Learn/identify visual art vocabulary
2. Recognize the development of visual art from a formal perspective
3. Observe, select, and utilize a variety of ideas and subject matter in creating original artwork
4. Appreciate visual art as a method of expression

Art II & Art III
Students will expand on previous knowledge by utilizing all of the elements and principles of art and design, techniques, and skills learned in Art Foundations. This course will provide the opportunity for students to analyze art in a way that focuses on social and cultural context and influences. Students will begin to move towards learning about contemporary and modern art in this course. The students in Art II & Art III will work collaboratively. 
1. Identify visual art vocabulary
2. Recognize the development of visual art from a cultural and social perspective
3. Begin to critically analyze artwork and it’s true meaning
4. Develop and generate own creative process and style of artmaking

Art IV
This course focuses on the idea of individual exploration and investigation through the use of elements and principles of design. At the end of this course, students will submit a portfolio which will include five selected works (demonstrating drawing skills and synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas) and 15 sustained investigation images (demonstrating drawing skills, practice, experimentation, and revision, as well as synthesis of materials, processes, and ideas).
1. Develop technical versatility and skills while using the visual elements and principles
2. Encourage creative as well as systematic investigation of formal and conceptual issues
3. Become independent thinkers who will contribute inventively and critically to
their culture through the making of art

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments,
Ms. Sophia Stasiak