Dental Clinic - WES
Starting 11/8/2021 and ending on 11/9/2021
Event Groups:
• Wickliffe Elementary School - Wickliffe Elementary Events
Smile Programs, the mobile dentists, are coming to Wickliffe Elementary School on Monday, November 8 and Tuesday, November 9, 2021. Paper registration forms were sent home with WES students in September, or you can register online using the link below:
  • Smile Programs will be offering comprehensive dental care during this visit. This means preventative care, such as cleanings, in addition to restorative care like fillings and extractions. 
  • Smile Programs keeps permission forms on file for 18 months—long enough to cover 3 visits. After that, a new form must be filled out.
  • Parents are always encouraged to fill out a new registration form (even if they were just seen in May) in case there have been any address or dental insurance changes!
Thank you,
 The Wickliffe Family Resource Center
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