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Wickliffe City School District News Article

COVID Information, Protocols & Reporting

School Exclusion Protocols
The WCSD COVID protocols and information have been compiled in alignment with recommendations from the Lake County General Health District and the Ohio Department of Health. Parents/Guardians should refer to the WCSD School Exclusion Protocols to determine whether or not their child should attend school:  WCSD School Exclusion Protocols (these protocols apply to non-school exposures).

COVID-19 Symptoms:
  • Major Symptoms (student/staff should not report to school): Fever (100º +) and/or Loss of Taste/Smell

  • Minor Symptoms (student/staff should not report if they are experiencing 2 or more): Cough, Shortness of Breath, Sore Throat, Muscle Pain

Mask to Stay/ Test to Play
In late October 2021, the Ohio Department of Health and Lake County General Health District released new guidelines that are applicable for COVID-19 exposures that occur in the classroom or school activity setting: WCSD Mask to Stay Test to Play

Reporting a positive COVID-19 case

To report a positive COVID-19 case: WCSD COVID Reporting Form

COVID-19 Reporting Archive
District wants to be as transparent as possible in reporting information regarding COVID-19 cases while also protecting the identity and medical information of those impacted. Wickliffe City School District staff will notify all parents and guardians within a specific school via email when a positive COVID-19 case in that school is made known to the District. Those individuals determined to have been in contact and potentially exposed to COVID-19 will be contacted by District staff and/or the Lake County General Health District (LCGHD). The LCGHD will be responsible for contract tracing and follow-up with impacted individuals. Understand that the District will not provide information to the general public that would identify students or staff.

COVID Notifications (Nov. 1 to present)
November 1 (WES)
November 3 (WES)
November 5 (WES)
November 8 (WES)
November 8 (WMS)
November 11 (WES)
November 11 (WHS)
November 12 (WMS)
November 14 (WHS)
November 15 (WHS)
November 16 (WES)
November 16 (WMS)
November 17 (WMS)
November 17 (WHS)
November 18 (WES)
November 19 (WES)
November 21 (WMS)
November 21 (WHS)
November 22 (WES)
November 22 (WMS)
November 23 (WMS)
November 23 (WHS)
November 29 (WCSD)
November 30 (WES)
November 30 (WMS)
November 30 (WHS)
December 1 (WMS)
December 2 (WES)
December 2 (WMS)

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