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Wendy Dugan

News from Mrs. Dugan

Specials Schedule:
  • Monday - P.E.
  • Tuesday - Computer
  • Wednesday - Library
  • Thursday - Music
  • Friday - Art
 I will be sending more information home about an online, practice platform called "SCOOTPAD". ScootPad is the ultimate way to engage students in mastering Common Core Standards and Concepts in MATH & READING with personalized, self-paced and stimulating practice. Students love ScootPad! Their data & research shows that students practice on average 5 times more problems on ScootPad than the traditional worksheets/paper. Please take a moment to read the parent letter and encourage your child to log on and practice! We will be using it at school but home usage is OPTIONAL. Please remember that anytime students are online, they should be closely monitored. Thank you :)

Additional Information:

** Infinite Campus: Please keep in mind that not all assignments are posted at the same time. For example: I may post the grades for the majority of the students who are done, so there may be some student's grades not posted for several reasons (didn't finish, absent, need to make corrections etc.) The result may be that the student's grade is low, but it's only because it hasn't been posted. Also, Tests, quizzes, and classwork will calculate into report card grades.
Homework will be monitored for work completed neatly and on time. Please make sure that your child completes the homework, puts his/her name on it, and then puts it in his/her book bag. T
Grading Scale:
S= (Satisfactory or above) 85%-100% (Working at or above grade level)
P= (Progressing) 70%-85% (Approaching grade level skills, needs to practice/study)
N= (Needs Improvement) 69% and below (Needs adult assistance at home and school, not meeting grade level expectations, area of concern)

Please make sure you have ALL forms returned to school:
  1. Acceptable Use Policy for using the computer lab.
  2. Media forms
  3. Permission Slips for field trips to Public Library
  4. Homework Policy
  5. Classroom library policy