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Randau, Adam

Randau, Adam

Mr. Randau

[email protected]

Classroom Rules, Procedures & Expectations

To be successful in our classroom you must:

- Arrive on time and on a regular basis
o Students who arrive after the bell (or are out of their seat without permission) will receive a warning on the first and second offense. Students who are tardy any time thereafter will receive a detention. Being habitually late will also result in a call home and further consequences from the main office.

o If you miss a class due to illness or any other reason, you will be expected to make up any missed assignments in a timely manner. Whenever absent, it is your responsibility to come see me about the work. Missing class frequently will most likely be reflected in your grade.

o Skipping class will result in consequences from the office. You will be given a zero for the day and will not be allowed to turn in any missed work/make up assessments.

o All students may leave class 3 times per quarter (with a pass)

- Come prepared
o Bring all required materials (text, notebook/binder, handouts, paper, and a pen), I will let you know in advance if you will not need your text. So in other words, you ALWAYS NEED YOUR TEXT unless I tell you otherwise.

o Read the assigned material. If I ask you to read something for homework, there is a good chance that we will have a reading check the following class.

o Complete homework assignments on time. My class policy for late work is as follows:

One day late – 80%
Two days late – 70%
Three days or more – 0%

- Participate
o Participation is the easiest way to earn points in this class, because you just have to be attentive. Examples include following directions, following along with notes/reading, volunteering, etc. You cannot participate fully if reading/homework was not completed, or if you are missing important classroom materials. Again, I cannot stress how important it is to come prepared for class.

o Listen to and follow directions the first time they are given. If you are unsure about a direction, it is perfectly acceptable to ask for further clarification.

o Sleeping is not permitted in class. The first time will result in a warning, but further consequences will result if the infraction is repeatedly committed.

- Be honest about your work
o I have a zero tolerance policy for cheating and plagiarism. There are no warnings for infractions of this kind. If caught, you will receive a zero on the assignment/assessment and will be reported to the office for further disciplinary action. If you ever have a question about citing information in your work, please see me.

- Be Respectful
o Respect the rights, space, and property of everyone in the classroom. This includes…
• Raising your hand and waiting to be called on before answering
• Keeping your hands and feet to yourself and your own property
• Respecting the views and beliefs of others. It is ok to disagree, but it must be done in a respectful manner
• There will be absolutely NO toleration for name-calling, profanity, racial or religious slander. Minor infractions will receive a detention; Major infractions will result in being sent to the office.

- PLEASE DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF TO BE DISTRACTED BY YOUR PHONE The first offense will result in having the phone kept in my desk the remainder of class. The second offense will result in having the phone taken and you will receive a detention. Further infractions will result in the same consequences above, plus a phone call home.

- IPODS, MP3 PLAYERS, SONY WALKMAN TAPE DECKS, TECHNIQUE 1200 TURNTABLES, ETC. ARE A PRIVILEGE – Have earbuds/oversized, ridiculous looking headphones put away before you arrive. Electronic devices are not permitted in the halls, so this should not be a problem.
o Refusing to hand your phone or music device over to me will result in you being sent to the office immediately.

Grading Scale: Grades will be kept on a point total
A = 90-100% B = 80-89% C = 70-79% D = 60-69% E = 0-59%