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Graves, Pamela

Graves, Pamela


Wickliffe High School Music Department
A Cappella Choir
Exploring Music
Blue Devil Swing Band
Symphonic Band 
Jazz Band
Wickliffe High School Exploring Music
      Exploring  Music is a non performing class that will be investigating different asspects  of music. 
The class will look at  different genredras of music, instrumental music, perfoming groups, time 
periods and more. 
 Wickliffe High School Vocal Music
      A Capella Choir - SATB (soprano, alto, tenor, bass) performing group.  Partcipates in LCMEA Choir 
Festival, CVC  Honors Choir, solo/ensemble as well as school concerts and special events.
  Wickliffe High School Instrumental Music

        Swing Band (Marching Band) kicks off the High School year and goes through football season. 
This is the primary performing group during this time of year.  Swing Band starts out with pre-camp 
and band camp the last 2 weeks of July and practices continue during school and 1 evening a week. 
Besides football games the band also performs for Band Festivals, parades (Memorial Day), Cedar Point, Holiday venues and travels to Florida and  Walt Disney World  where they will perform 2023.

       After marching season we move into concert season where students concentrate on the technical and 
musical aspects of their performances. Here students participate in various concerts, competitions and Honor Bands. During this time Jazz Band is also available for the more advanced students who play the required instruments. Jazz Band is non-credit and usually held after school 1-2 days a week.

      Students who have been playing instruments for several years are encouraged to participate in the instrumental program. Students who wish to join band but have no band experience may still have the opportunity, but need to start some type of lessons as soon as possible.

       Students interested in getting a head start feel free to contact Mrs. Graves through Wickliffe High School.