Q & A Design Services

The following are questions that we had in relation to the current District Reconfiguration RFQ that is out for Professional Design Services:
Q1. What is the current RFQ for, the study or for design services?
  A. Study and Design
Q2. If it is for design services does that mean the study has been completed?
  A. N/A 
Q3. If study is complete, can a copy be provided?
  A. N/A
Q4. Would the selected firm be working with CT Consultants?
  A. Architectural firms choice. 
Q5. The floor plans that are shown on your website show areas marked in yellow as areas to be renovated.  Are those the only areas to be renovated?
  A. No
Q6. Where on your website will the questions and answers be posted?
  A. Wickliffe City Schools Web Page, About Us, District Reconfiguration, Q&A Design Services (http://www.wickliffeschools.org/QADesignServices.aspx)
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