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District Statistics
Wickliffe is a small, blue-collar community of approximately 12,750 people. The median household community income is approximately $43,755. The community is estimated to be 86.8% Caucasian. 7.6% African-American, 1.1% Hispanic, 2.2% multi-racial, and 1.9% Asian
The Wickliffe City Schools are proud to be an essential and integral part of the City of Wickliffe. We hold high expectations for our students and staff. The cornerstone of our philosophy is that students shall develop their potential to the fullest and become productive members of our society. Our numerous programs depend upon continued involvement of concerned parents, staff, and students.
2012-2013 Profile Information
Average Enrollment - 10-11

50% enter 4 year college

34% enter 2 year college

5% enter military

7% enter vocational tech studies

4% entered workforce
ACT/SAT Tests -
Core Curriculum Students
Wickliffe students have consistently scored higher than the state average and the national average on ACT and SAT tests.
Graduation rate94.5%
Expenditure per pupil$10,288
Certified Staff102
Masters degree or higher -- 77%

Average class size K-12 -- 24

Wickliffe High School

Wickliffe Administration

Mrs. Cynthia Anderson, Principal
Mr. Jeremy Hunter, Assistant Principal
Mrs. Patricia White, Counselor
Ms. Leah Porcello, Counselor

Testing Program
C.E.E.B. #365-535

Ohio Graduation Tests
AHSME (all upper ability math students)
ACT SAT/Achievement
Advanced Placement

Test Results, 2012-2013

English 21.3
Math 20.1
Composite 21.6
Writing 20.2
SAT Critical Reading 546.2
SAT Math 515
SAT Writing 524

Advanced Placement Scores 2012-2013
(23 Students took 27 tests)

Scores # %
4 2 7.4%
3 11 40.7%

Final GPA Distribution

3.5-4.0 - 21%
3.0-3.4 - 21%
2.5-2.9 - 28%
2.0-2.4 - 15%
1.0-1.9 - 15%

Wickliffe High School

Indicators met State Report Card - 100% -A
Accreditation: North Central Association of Secondary Schools - 1996
Charter: Ohio Public City School District
Enrollment: 474 in grades 9-12
Grade 9 = 122 Grade 10 = 121
Grade 11 = 110 Grade 12 = 121
Average Class Size: 24
District Faculty: 102 (77% have earned a Masters Degree)
Graduation Rate: 93.6%
High School Type: Comprehensive
Students: 52% male; 48% female; 86.8% Caucasian; 7.6 % African American; 2.2% multi-racial; 1.9% Asian; 1.1% Hispanic; .2% American Indian
Attendance rate: 95.2%

Grading System

Percent Quality Points
A 90-100 4
B 80-89 3
C 70-79 2
D 60-69 1
E below 60 0

A.P. courses are weighted
A=5 B=4 C=3
Honors Courses are weighted
A=4.5 B=3.5 C=2.5

Graduation Requirements

English - 4 credits Health - 1/2 credit
Social Studies - 4 Phys. Ed. - 1/2
Math - 3 Speech - 1/2
Science - 3 Computer - 1/2
Fine or Practical Art - 1
Community Service - 40 hours
Must pass all 5 parts of OGT
Total Credits Required for Graduation: 21
*Most students earn 22-24 credits

Class of 2013

College Acceptances

132 students in graduating class
37% entered 4-yr state colleges
13% entered 4-yr private colleges
34% entered 2-yr colleges
5% entered military
7% entered vocational tech. studies
4% entered workforce

Advanced Placement Program

English Literature
American History
European History
Calculus AB
Biology II


Art: I-IV
Computer: Computer Applications and
elective courses
English: I-IV, Honors, AP
French: I-III, Honors IV & V
Health, Phys. Ed.
Industrial Tech:
Intro. to Engineering
Wood/Metal Tech I-IV
AutoCad I-III
Instrumental and Vocal Music
Math: Honors, AP
Science: Physical/Earth Science
Biology: Honors, II, AP, Basic
Chemistry: Honors
Social Studies: Honors, AP
Spanish I-III, Honors IV & V
Special Education
Career Tech & College Tech Prep within
LakeShore Compact
Post-Secondary Enrollment options

Student Activities Program

National Honor Society
Scholarship Club
Student Council/Class Officers
Academic Challenge
Pep Club
Wick (Yearbook)
School Improvement Team
Teacher Aides
Marching Band
Concert Band
Mixed Choir/Hand Bells
A Capella Choir and Honors
Ecology Club
Honors Art Club
Spanish Club
French Club
Jazz Band
Office, Clinic & Library Aides
Rockefeller Road Revue Talent Show

(Girls Sports) (Boys Sports)
Cross CountryCross Country
Volleyball Football
Track Basketball
Soccer Tennis
Softball Golf

Allegheny College
Art Institute of Pittsburgh
Ashland University
Baldwin Wallace College
Bowling Green State University
Brigham Young University
Bryant & Stratton Business Institute
Capital University
Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western Reserve University
Cedarville University
Central State University
Cleveland Institute of Art
Cleveland State University
College of Wooster
Columbus College of Art & Design
Cuyahoga Community College
Denison University
Eastern Michigan University
Edinboro University
Electronic Technology Institute
Ferris State University
Gannon University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Heidelberg College
Hiram College
Indiana University of Bloomington
John Carroll University
Johnson & Wales University
Kent State University School of Nursing
Kent State University
Kenyon College
Lake Erie College
Lakeland Community College
Malone College
Marietta College
Marquette University
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medical College of Ohio School of
Mercyhurst College
Miami University
Mount Holyoke College
Mount Union College
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Northwestern University
Notre Dame College
Ohio Diesel Tech. Institute
Ohio Northern
Ohio State University
Ohio University
Ohio Wesleyan University
Otterbein College
Pennsylvania State University
Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics
Purdue University
St. Bonaventure University
St. Mary's College of Notre Dame
Shepherd University
Syracuse University
University of Akron
University of Cincinnati
University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Dayton
University of North Carolina
University of Toledo
Ursuline College
US Military Academy
Walsh College
West Virginia University
Wittenburg University
Wright State University
Yale University
Youngstown State University

Generations of Pride
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